Rossese di Dolceacqua

Anfosso storia

The Anfosso family has always grown vines in Soldano. It was therefore common sense that Lorenzo Anfosso would carry on the tradition. In 2016, the company “E Prie” was launched: its name – “the stones” – refers not only to the vineyard’s countless dry-stone walls, but also to the fact that, just like their walls, the Anfosso family has held strong, furthering its heritage with great will and pride.


Our Rossese di Dolceacqua is produced from specific vintages cultivated in two of the best vineyards, Fulavin and Ai Pini, both located in Soldano between 250 and 300 m above sea level. Our traditionally bush-trained vines face South-East and are firmly rooted in the local marl and schist soil.


Our hand-picked grapes are vinified with a variable percentage of non-stemmed grapes, in controlled fermentation steel vats that host their spontaneous alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. From there on out, processing is kept to a minimum so as to preserve and respect the true character of the local vintage.


Ruby-red, with aromas of red fruit and a touch of spice.. it is fresh and fragrant, soft, warm and beautifully persistent. Perfect with meat dishes such as lamb and casseroles and also combines nicely with fish.